About Jeff

Jeff Burd may have been young but he raised the bar on “How to Lead By Example.” To hear the words spoken by many who were associated with Jeff would lead you to the understanding that Jeff not only touched lives but he touched hearts as well. Brilliant, dedicated, competitive, hard-working, loving and always helped others are just a few descriptions used by family members, teachers, friends, teammates, others in our community.

Jeff was a person that loved his family, family vacations, surfing, music, and skatebording. His true passion was hockey where he played for the Chief’s Ice Hockey Team and the Medford Wild Ice Hockey Team. He also played Marlton Recreation Council Tournament & In Town Teams for both roller & street hockey. And without any question… he was an avid Philadelphia Flyer’s Fan.

An old cliche but true, a picture is worth a thousand words. To view more of what Jeff was really like visit the gallery for images of Jeff. Although Jeff may have been quiet around most he had talent for putting words to paper in poetic form. Visit One Last Breath to read his words.


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